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SEXUAL HARASSMENT. This information is provided to protect, direct and to expose individuals to the not so evident signs of Sexual Harassment.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

What a Feeling...

Sexual harassment is not something new in the workplace. Women have been dealing with it and not speaking on the subject for centuries, even prior to the title given to this harassment. Women around the world are beginning to tell their stories and expose the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in their societies.

A 1992 International Labor Organization survey of 23 countries revealed what women already know: that sexual harassment is a major problem all over the world. The level of tolerance varies from culture to culture. Whereas one culture may have no legislation against sexual harassment and absolutely no type of recourse for women, other cultures have no tolerance policies set in place to protect women from these behaviors.

Remarkably, even today there are so many women who do not admit to being sexually harassed. Whether they don't realize the existence and feel that its normal and okay, or they do make mention of because of the adverse affects or consequences that may be associated with coming forth.


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